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  • Mimikatz: The Basics: Looking into how the post popular modules of mimikatz actually works
  • Kerberos Delegation: Playing with Unconstrained Delegation
  • Linky: A short explanation on wtf my LinkedIn scraper does and how to use it.
  • Server Message Block: A look into what the SMB Protocol is.
  • NetBIOS: A look into what the NetBIOS Protocol is.
  • All The Users: Several ways to enumerate users within the Windows Environment.
  • Kerberos Validation: Validating users against Kerberos
  • RID Cycling: Manually RID Cycling with a python wrapper.
  • MS17-010: Worawit's implementation of MS17-010 and regsvr32.
  • NTLM Relaying: Relaying NetNTLM's with ntlmrelayx and Responder.